“He’s Misusing Our Donations”- Mzansi React On Dr Malinga’s alleged New Expensive Car


One thing about gifts is that individuals will give you more and afterward use it to demonstrate hatred for you. After they have given cash to you, they will remind you each day that you are living on their gifts. They even have better standards from you; at whatever point you accomplish something wrong, they will advise you that they took care of you. This is precisely exact thing’s going on Dr. Malinga’s blog.




A couple sleeks back, Dr. Malinga was moving all over web-based entertainment after she went to the MacG web recording and chilled and broke out as he makes sense of how broke he is and that SARS is taking his property and selling them since he owes them. He said the explanation he is bankrupt is on the grounds that after the Covid and lockdown, he never got booked, he has been battling to put food on the table, and he utilized every one of his investment funds.

With that, he was requesting gifts from the public so he could prevent SARS from bringing away his back home. Individuals gave in huge sums, sending at least R10 to his record. Some even given two or three thousands. Individuals like Dark Espresso and Casper Nyovest are a portion of individuals who made enormous gifts to his record. From that point forward, he began returning quickly, and he even purchased new furnishings.

Following that, a couple of days prior, Malinga posted his video in perhaps of the most costly vehicle. He was driving a McLaren vehicle that cost nearly or more than 1,000,000 bucks. On the video, he was in any event, singing a recognition tune, expressing thanks to God for gift him.

After individuals saw this video, the entire online entertainment was chosen, as individuals are saying Malinga is untrustworthy for purchasing such a costly vehicle with a gift. Some even said he was rarely destitute; he simply needed to trick us. One of the tweeter clients even said “he’s abusing our gifts” all over virtual entertainment In the media, he’s being censured.