heritage xhosa traditional attire 2019

was hosting a wrap up Heritage Day event called Madiba’s Culture. The Xhosa Language School is the brainchild of Ntombiza Lingani, a graduate of Tsiba Education which offers young people who can’t access tertiary education an opportunity to learn about entrepreneurship. Madiba’s Culture was born out of her wanting to build bridges with others through language and culture. She offers, through the school, isiXhosa language and cultural lessons, copy-editing, transcription services and translations.he programme made mention of a fashion show comprised of models of most colours of the proverbial rainbow nation. All the models were to be dressed in traditional isiXhosa wear showing various clothes worn at various stages of life. The designers of these beautiful clothes were two ladies Thembela Nocanda from Site C, Khayelitsha and Nomava Mbangamti from Mfuleni.