Here’s what Mzansi spotted on Dj Waffles face and why she’s now a famous international DJ.

It seems that the 22 year old girl is busy trending and famous in all clubs and now she has now moved to a better site as she is now, an international Dj that plays for big places. She now charges close to 30 000 for booking just for her to play her music, she has become very pricey.




There is a picture of her trending on twitter social media where in she was posted that now she has partnered with Jagermaster the well know alcohol. Jägermaster is one of the famous and frequently bought beverage in SA.

During her photoshoot with the brand people noticed something on her face, it seemed as if her eyebrow was a bit shifted to the side. It made them think that she is now part of the illuminati group, that is why she’s now well known by Drake also.

Here is the post from twitter where people now believe she is an illuminati and she is having the money and the audience because of it.

Here are the pictures from the screenshots that were posted.

After the picture was posted here are the screenshots of the comments after the picture was posted on twitter, here are the comments from twitter.