Here Is Why DJ Samora Was Fired

Following claims of being on air tipsy, Umhlobo Wenene’s DJ Samora Mangesi was in this manner pulled off the show and suspended.

The SABC’s gathering chief: corporate undertakings and advertising, Gugu Ntuli, affirmed that the station’s supervisory group had started examinations against the anchor and that those examinations had been finished.


“Umhlobo Wenene FM the executives can affirm that the examination relating to the matter worried of Mr Mangesi has been finished and the board won’t remark on its items in accordance with a business worker relationship.”

The previous Real Goboza moderator who facilitated the Iqonga Labatsha space, prominently known as #IQL, later took to his Facebook page to discredit guarantees that he was downed by itemizing the occasions that prompted his incoherency on air.

Mangesi professed to have been vigorously sedated following a couple of long stretches of not feeling great, which brought about him missing his Friday show. Not having any desire to miss one more one on that portentous Saturday, he added more prescription to what was at that point taken.

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“This delivered me unintelligible and hence conveying a very chaotic and unacceptable item on air which persuaded numerous to think I was inebriated. Once more, for this I unassumingly apologize. It has never been and proceeds to not be my expectation to bring the SABC – which I have been with for the beyond 10 years, my family, myself and any other person related with me – into offensiveness, be it purposefully or inadvertently,” he composed on his page.

Samora has since guaranteed his audience members that he will be back on May 7, forthcoming the consequences of the examination which will be talked about with him, as indicated by the SABC the executives.

He further stated: “I have been drawing in with my bosses at Umhlobo Wenene and have given them the essential documentation to help the above to which they have acknowledged. I might want to express gratitude toward them and my associates at the station and a long ways past even the domains of radio for the help and understanding that they have managed the cost of me.

“I’d likewise prefer to thank my companions and the people who may just know me from the wireless transmissions who connected and offered messages of help during what was a flat out hurricane. In particular, I might want to thank my mother who ventured out the nation over to come and medical attendant me back to wellbeing (sic).”