Here is why Anele Mdoda wants Netflorist to send Moshe Ndiki flowers

Anele Mdoda is a famous radio host and a television presenter. She is also a sister to Thembisa Mdoda who is also an actress and a television host. She has been doing very well in the industry and people love her.



She has taken it to social media to share that Netflorist should send flowers to Moshe Ndiki, for assaulting Musa Khawula. Netflorist is a famous company that specializes with flowers for special occasions or showing appreciation to people. Anele Mdoda does not like what Musa is always saying about celebrities.

I have to say that Anele was wrong for this, she is promoting violence. Moshe is a public figure and many people look up to him, violence is not a way to solve problems. Anele needs to apologize for her tweet on social media because it will get her in trouble.