Here Is What Was Noticed On Sithelo Shozi ‘s Photo That Left People In Stitches On Social Media

Eva Modika and Doro Mongy are both from Limpopo, but they are now fighting away from home. Eva had a contract for Doro, but she has declined the offer that worth 100K. It came after fans asked Eva to feature her in the production because they thought she would pull off great content. But they did not know before Eva took to Instagram.




She told them Doro did not want the offer and now it does not look good. From the response coming from Eva, they are having a beef and she said that people don’t like Doro. She may be saying that even if she was on their show, she was not going to have fans. As for Doro, it has not been going well for her with the BBL community that she is part of.

It was reported in Musa Khuwula’s tweet response that she had bought something that was not the original brand. Those two pictures have been circulating on social media and a few people were trying to drag her. It was not all of them, because she still has people who are on her side and supporting her.

Those who oppose her is because she has apparently purchased unoriginal clothing. She has sold to everyone that she is living a soft lifestyle in Sandton and some people are expecting her to buy the expensive clothes, not the cheap merchandise. It is not good because if you have sold a soft lifestyle to someone, you have to maintain it.

Sometimes it is not a good reputation when you have failed because you were flexing about a soft lifestyle. It is well known on social media that when you brag, they will be vocal and try to bash that person. Basically, when you are living the soft lifestyle, you don’t have to flex and become careful about the words you are saying on social media or to the public.