Here Is What Thembi From Idlozi Lam Said About Tattoos

Statement made South Africa’s very own Thembi surfaced on social media and left people talking on the comments section.

Thembi Nyathi is a psychic medium who shares her gifts with clients who wish to connect with their ancestors on her reality show on Moja Love, Dloz’lami.





Thembi went on to giving a hint on the fact that getting tattoo marks goes along way into the spiritual world stating that it can signal a foreign spirit into your life.

However tweeps where left divided with her statement, as others would agree with her whilst others would argue that there is no such thing as spiritual world but only an imagination.

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An individual by the user name of ” Man’s Not Barry Roux @ AdvoBarryRoux ” felt the need to share this sight with the people on social media and captioned it

” Ama Ancestors are talking to people with tattoos.”