Here is what the public noticed on Mphowabadimo’s hands

The winner of big brother mzansi seems to be breaking new grounds. Mphowabadimo has been securing the bag on various occasions, she has appeared on spirituality shows and mzansi fashion week. Its her friendship with Themba that most like about her.

Although Mpho might have won the show on majority vote but that doesn’t mean all big brother fans love her. The fans of the show have accused the sangoma of bleaching her skin, Mphowabadimo is light in complexion and some people feel its because she has bleached.




Although there’s nothing wrong with bleaching as people are free to do whatever with their bodies so probably its only Mpho’s haters who are criticising her looks.

Mphowabadimo won big brother mzansi with a large margin of votes. People have felt her hands are proof that she bleached her skin as they are darker than her face. However her fans have come to her rescue claiming she has always been dark and brought old photos to prove Mpho didn’t bleach.

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