Here is what people had to say after seeing the picture of a baby that looks like Thuli Phongolo

Thulisile Phongolo (also Thuli P; born 22 January 1994) is an actress and disc jockey in South African media. By September 2017, Phongolo was an amateur disc jockey,[1] a profession she maintained through at least November 2019. Phongolo began her acting career playing Zama on the South African Broadcasting Corporation’s (SABC) TV series Tshisa. While a prefect at her high school, Phongolo played Namhla Diale on the soap opera Generations: The Legacy. After leaving that show in 2018, Phongolo acted in SABC’s TV series Makoti and Mzansi Magic’s.




Things like pregnancy are one of the things no matter how hard you can try to hide it you can’t hide it especially if you are a celebrity because almost everyone knows you and they will regconise you unless your planning to stay indoors until you give birth. Like Thuli Phongolo there was a time she was rumoured to having a child after she was seen clutching her stomach but that rumour just disappeared.

One thing about people on social media is that they know people business more than the owner, if you want to know something about anyone especially celebrities ask people on social media you can even ask yourself how do they know such sensetive information about someone.

And knowing people on social media when it comes to allegations and rumours they never stop, it can be rumour after another rumour. Like now someone made a serious accusation about Thuli Phongolo after someone commented on a picture saying the child looks like Thuli Phongolo, someone then commented and said that Thuli has a child at home she’s just hiding it for some reason she had a baby after she left generations the time she was sharing a man with Boity it was around that time.

Some people are not scared of being sued imagine saying something like this. If she was pregnant we would know it’s not that easy to hide a pregnancy, but that’s the problem about people on social media they are not scared of anything. They are good at talking about people’s business without any fear.