Here is what Musa Mseleku confirmed regarding marrying wife number 5 and her identity

You may have been wondering when and if you would see the polygamist Musa Mseleku would marry the fifth wife. You will not have to ask yourself many questions anymore as Musa Mseleku opened up about the decision that was made regarding adding a fifth wife to the family.

The Daily Sun reported that Musa Mseleku had decided not to marry the wife number five as expected.This development was reportedly made known to Daily Sun news by Musa Mseleku himself. This development is reported to be covered in the upcoming season six of ” Uthando Nesthembu.”





The woman who was supposed to be added to the family as wife number five was identified as ” MaKhumalo”. Musa said that the reason he was no longer going ahead with marrying “MaKhumalo” was because his wives had ganged up against him regarding the issue. As a result , it was decided that he would not marry her as it would bring her into a toxic environment.

Although they will not be getting married, Musa Mseleku reportedly said that he would continue the relationship with her. Musa did not reveal the name or more details of his lover, but it is reported that she is from a Khumalo clan. The polygamist urged fans to watch season six of ” Uthando Nesthembu ” for more on the issue of the fifth wife.

The decision that was made by Musa Mseleku not to marry the fifth wife against the blessings of his other four wives is a sign of respect. He could have married the fifth wive , but he decided to maintain the respect he had for his wives. If you may be married and planning to marry another wife , what would you do if your wife would be against the idea?

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