Here is What Connie Ferguson Will be Doing After The Queen Closes

The most anticipated show The Queen will be officially wrapping it up in January. Earlier this year News 24 Confirmed the rumours that after seven successful years, the M-Net Local Entertainment Channels has announced Mzansi Magic’s The Queen is ending in 2023. 

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For those who don’t know about the Queen, it is a show that was founded by Connie and her late husband Shona Ferguson (may his would rest in peace). For many people, Connie and Shona (uncle Sho) are an inspiration that will last for years despite the fact that Uncle Sho is no longer alive.





Now the golden question here is what exactly will Connie be doing after the show has closed because it is one of her sources of income.

Well, I will answer this question based on my opinion. To begin with, Connie is already a successful woman she can just go home and enjoy the fruits of the hustle with her husband.


She is a millionaire and close to her retirement age so she can simply do nothing and enjoy her workout sessions If she decides to continue in business she still has a number of shows coming like Kings of Joburg and many more so one stream will not do much harm.

Secondly, if she opts to continue doing business she can work with brands and be their promoter. She already works with a number of brands so she can work with them.

Article which was released earlier this year confirming the ending of The Queen:,January%2027%202023%20on%20Netflix.