Here Is The Reason Why Vovo Does Not Want Adopted Child In #ShortandSweet Show

Here Is The Reason Why Vovo Does Not Want Adopted Child In #ShortandSweet Show

Mzansi has been sending their love to Vuyokazi From the show #ShortandSweet for standing up to her future dream of having child. Vovo Does Not Want to adopt a child, she want to carry a child for nine months inside her stomach like an woman.

We are in episode 7 of #ShortandSweet where Vovo is still searching for a sperm donor. Vovo’s aunt has Criticized her when she first revealed to her that she want a baby but through the process for sperm donor.

In the recent episode of #ShortandSweet we also see Vovo doing a research about the couple who also went through the process of sperm donor. Vovo has called one of her friends and explained about the process. Mzansi were happy to see that Vovo still have a friend who support her on the decisions she made.





Vovo’s condition does not allow her to carry a child because she is a Dwarf. In one of other episode we heard the doctor explained to her the danger of carrying a child for full term.

Vovo has met with her 18 years old friend after she called her for a catch up and to explain her plans. Vovo had a suggestion of asking her to carry the child for her but she will hand over the child to her after giving birth. The lady has left mzansi impressed after she asked her what will happen if she start becoming attached to the child.

The viewers were not happy with the questions she was asking Vovo. The lady have advised Vovo to adopt a child but she refused saying she want her own child. Mzansi were left happy after Vovo revealed the real reason why Does not want to adopt a child. Vovo said that child that is not yours is a problem as they end up being cheeky. She continues saying that they have stinking attitudes.