Here Is The Reason Why He Is No More Acting

Israel Matseke Zulu Shifts Focus from Acting to Music, Announces Upcoming Album

Johannesburg, South Africa – The South African entertainment industry has been abuzz with anticipation as beloved actor and media personality, Israel Matseke Zulu, announced a significant shift in his career path. Renowned for his versatile talents as an actor, singer, and dancer, Matseke Zulu has captured the hearts of viewers across the nation with his memorable performances. However, a recent health setback forced him to temporarily step away from his acting roles.

Israel Matseke Zulu, known for his iconic appearances in Mzansi shows such as “Gazlam,” “iNumber Number,” and “Isibaya,” found himself facing a challenging chapter when he was struck by a debilitating illness that affected his legs, leaving him reliant on a wheelchair. This unexpected turn of events compelled him to put a pause


on his acting career, leaving fans eager for his return to the screen.

However, Matseke Zulu has revealed that viewers should not expect to see him back on their television screens as an actor anytime soon. Instead, he is channeling his creative energy into the world of music, with plans to release an album in the near future.

In his candid statement, Matseke Zulu explained, “I am working on something else now. ‘Gomora’ is a question mark for me because I don’t know what will happen to my character. For now, I am focusing on music and I can’t talk about acting yet.”

Highlighting his passion for music, he emphasized, “I am here to release the sounds we always loved. I am one of Kwaito musicians who are still alive, and I should play my part in preserving the sounds of Kwaito. In all the years I didn’t release music, it was not because I was lazy. I pushed, but the musical journey is hard.”

Israel Matseke Zulu’s absence from the acting scene has left many fans saddened, as his talent and charismatic presence on screen garnered widespread affection. Nevertheless, his determination to explore new avenues, such as music, demonstrates his resilience and commitment to artistic expression.

Despite the challenges he has faced, Matseke Zulu’s dedication to entertaining the public remains unwavering. His decision to venture into music offers a promising glimpse into a new chapter of his career, ensuring that his creative talents continue to shine, even in the face of adversity.

While fans may have to wait a bit longer to see him grace their screens as an actor, the anticipation for his upcoming music endeavors is sure to keep his supporters excited and engaged.

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