Here Is How Pretty And Lehasa Will Get Back Together In #SkeemSaam

Here Is How Pretty And Lehasa Will Get Back Together In #SkeemSaam

Source: Hashtag #SkeemSaam twitter page


Pretty and Lehasa are about to trend. The moment that mzansi has been waiting is finally coming together. It’s not seems like the written of SkeemSaam has finally heard the crying of fans and viewers demanding Lehasa and Pretty to get back together. From the first time we saw them together Skeem fans and viewers can’t stop saying that they both look so good together. They were perfectly made for each other.








It seems like Lehasa still has a thing for Pretty. After what happened at the restaurant mzansi is now convinced that Lehasa still have feelings left for Pretty. Lehasa trying to rekindle his relationship with Pretty. We are going to see Lehasa and Pretty’s affair again. After the message that Pretty left him, he has taken another chance to to listen to it.

Pretty and Lehasa vele they are meant to be, Nothile was just a distraction just like Khwezi. In this months tears we are going to see their romance again. SkeemSaam viewers has been saying that they wish Pretty can spill the bean and tell Lehasa everything so that they Lehasa can leave Khwezi for her. We all know that nobody like Khwezi, she has something that many viewers does not understand about her. It is believed that she is an undercover.

Lehasa is now starting to reconnect with Pretty. Lehasa is caught between two women in his life whom he love but we know at the end the only person he will choose is Pretty. Pretty is going to get into trouble not only with Khwezi but even Mantuli.

Lehasa is engaged but that will not stop him from getting back with Pretty. It’s pity for Khwezi that she will have to deal with her cheating soon to be husband after finding out what his been up to in Polokwane.