Here is how Ndavi Nokeri looked for her interview on Metrofm today

So far she is enjoying her reign

The title of Miss South Africa looks good on her. It really suits she deserved to win, she is worth everything good that is happening in her life. Ndavi Nokeri now has more confidence than before. She must enjoy every single moment of it.

Ndavi Nokeri looked beautiful today for her interview on Metrofm studios. Metrofm is one of the biggest radio stations, and everyone was supporting her. They love the way she speaks because she means every word that she says. She still cannot believe that really won Miss SA pageant.


There are still more interviews she will be doing because people will love to know her plans. She is educated and I know that she will encourage young people to get an education too. South Africans must support her initiatives to make grow globally and hopefully win Miss Universe in future.