Here is how Cornet ‘Tbose’ Mamabolo look since he took a break from Skeem Saam

He still looks great

Cornet better known as a Skeem Saam actor Tbose have been very active on his social media pages. He also share everything that he has been busy about since he has taken a break from Skeem Saam. Him leaving or taking the break from Skeem Saam has shocked and hurt most of his fans, but they are glad that everything in his life is going very well. Cornet is currently busy with his businesses and being a brand ambassador to the big brands. Hopefully he will come back to the show and carry on making his fans proud.



His fans last saw him with bald head and now he is growing hair. He also gained more weight, it seems like he is enjoying his break from the show. The show has not been the same without him, hi role needs to be filled because his wife from Skeem Saam just spend their first wedding anniversary alone. I hope that everything is going well on his private life. He also spend a day recently with Clement Maosa better known as Kwaito, they are still good friends and always motivating each other to do better in their careers.

Cornet left Skeem Saam to take a break and everyone was very emotional when he left. He needs to come and bring more drama to the show. Fans have been asking themselves if maybe when he comes back, Mapitsi will be having a strong bond with Leeto. I think he did good thing to also take a break and try to make some of his dreams to come true, he has ben on the show for more than 10 years, and he started at a very young age. He is now a grown man and he knows what he wants in life.