Here Are The Top 6 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Dj Sumbody.

Losing Dj Sumbody as a celebrity, friend, colleague and family member truly shook Mzansi but since we can’t bring him back, all we can do is remember fond memories about him. And on this article we look at the top 6 things that will always remember about Dj Sumbody now that he Is no longer with us.



1. Dj Sumbody Real Name

The Late Dj’s full name is Oupa John Sefoka.

2. Dj Sumbody Is A Former Taxi Drive

The former DJ started transporting commuters to make money when he was driving his father’s taxis.

3. Dj Sumbody Was A Former Radio Presenter

The DJ volunteered at a community radio station in Tshwane.

4. Dj Sumbody studied at Tshwane University Of Technology And Dripped Out In 2nd Year To Focus On Music.

5. Dj Sumbody Was A Wealthy Entrepreneur

He is the co-founder of Ayepyep Lifestyle restaurant and night club.

6. Dj Sumbody Got Famous In 2018

The Dj because famous in 2018 after dropping a hot track “Monate Mpolaye”