Here Are The 6 Worst South African Soapie Actors – Opinion

Many people in the acting field lack the necessary abilities to call themselves actors or actresses. You could say that some of them lucked out, while others are just after the cash and the limelight.

In no particular order, here are South Africa’s top 10 worst actors and actresses:

1. Larona Moagi – Tumi (The River)








South African beauty Larona Moagi is best recognized for her role as Tumi (Itumeleng) on The River. She is a strong young woman in the Telenovela who won’t be silenced by the greed of her elders. There are probably a lot of people who don’t know this, but this is her first and only television role.

Reports have surfaced suggesting the show’s producers may have given in to viewer demands and killed off Tumi.

The public has been demanding Larona Moagi take action to save Tumi’s life for years, and they have been increasingly frustrated with her lack of response. Moshidi Motshegwa, an actress who frequently butted heads with Larona Moagi, once commented on Larona Moagi’s acting, or lack thereof.

2. Patrick Seleka – Katlego ‘Kat’ (Skeem Saam)

This actor and cook hails from Seshego, a small township in the province of Limpopo. Patrick wed the woman he loved, Mmabaneng, and gave her the name he had always wanted for himself, Sekela. This couple claims they were destined to be together because of how well they complement one another. They’ve been married for two wild and crazy years, but they still act like newlyweds.

Despite this, some Skeem saam supporters have voiced their opinion that Patrick is not a very good actor because of how obvious it is that he is in front of the camera. This is obviously not the career path he envisioned for himself, based on his performance. Perhaps it would serve him better to concentrate on his music instead of acting.

3. Raphael Griffiths – Zithulele (Imbewu)

Raphael is one of those actors who has received severe backlash on social media and fallen into an emotional abyss as a result. Due to his severe depression, he was mandated to see not one, but two therapists simultaneously.

Raphael’s acting skills were criticized by some viewers, who said he should take more acting classes. Some viewers feel that while the actor doesn’t present a particularly bad message, he also doesn’t provide anything particularly good.

4. Lunga Shabalala – (The River)

Basically, Lunga Shabalala was just strange and unfriendly. The TV host has maintained his optimism in the face of widespread online criticism of his performance on The Rive. Amidst the criticism, he has moved on to his next TV role and plans to advance his acting career.

The actor, who is only 31, said he was unaffected by the recent criticism he received for his acting because “people talk all the time.” Instead, he chose to keep a positive attitude and pray for the best.

5. Sharon Seno – Marang (Muvhango)

Botswana-born Sharon Seno is best known for her role as Marang on the SABC2 soap opera Movhango. Sharon gained notoriety in 2013 after she placed in the top five of Miss Botswana. Sharon met all the criteria and deserved to be in the top five.

We used to be confident in Marang’s acting abilities, but the overwhelming majority of #Muvhango fans have been complaining on social media about how much they dislike her appearance and how bad her acting is. Seemingly uninterested in her role as an actress, this woman constantly reminds the audience that she is in front of the camera.

6. Ntando Duma – Mpho (The Queen)

The only time Ntando Duma makes headlines is for negative reasons. When she wore a short dress to the funeral for Shona Ferguson, she was mocked on Twitter. A lot of people got really mad and started making fun of her on social media. Contrarily, the veteran performer is a South African actress and TV star. She rose to fame as a host on the live-streaming show Craz-e World on’s Craz-e block aimed at young adults. On’s soap opera Rhythm City, she portrayed Zinzi Dandala. However, ratings had been falling, so the show was canceled earlier this year.

In 2020, Ntando made headlines when she landed the role of ‘Mpho’ in the hit Netflix series The Queen. Many of her fans and viewers of the drama series she recently joined on Mzansi Magic have voiced disappointment in her performance. Many admirers chose Antoinette over Duma on the grounds that she was superior to Ntando. Some have argued that instead of giving Ntando a polite role, the casting team should have given her a role that puts her acting skills to the test by having her constantly act out of character.

8. Leeto – Skeem Saam”

There is no way around bringing Eric Macheru into any discussion of Skeem Saam. South Africa’s most renowned actor, Macheru is best known for his role as Leeto Maputla on the SABC one series.

It has long been speculated that Erich Macheru should enroll in acting classes in order to improve his reputation. Not the worst, but also not the best, is how they sum up his delivery. He’s just at the edge of a cliff with his lawyer persona and could use a push. As most viewers will agree, when an actor or actress is fully committed to their roles, they simply cannot maintain a consistent emotional tenor. He needs to alter his body language a bit.

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