Her death has got people fighting on social media. Check their comments

The death of Pearl Shongwe has taken many people by shock, and they have been expressing how she was influential in their lives. She had been on radio and TV hosting shows, and many audiences have been very happy to engage with her and how she is as a person. It would be heavier for those who have memories with her.

The person with whom you have spent time will leave an impression on you, and having to part ways with that person will be difficult. You can imagine that for someone who has lost a parent at an earlier age, it is harder than when you are working and being independent. Another difficult time will be when you finish school without him or her. If you have not gone through such a moment, you would not know how it really feels, but imagine.




As for the people who were working with her on Metro FM, they have shared their tributes and fondest memories of their time with her. She died in her sleep, as reported. Some people have died as a result of accidents or are afflicted with a disease. You are never sure when it will be your last day on earth, and that is why it is important to enjoy life. Leave good memories for people to remember you with.

Other people on social media have been emotional and heartbroken by her death, to the point of a tweet war in the comments section. The COVID-19 pandemic had brought both opportunities and disasters. Some people got an idea to do something different while not being allowed to be on the streets, which was good for them.

The comments on Twitter are interesting to read because people are expressing themselves. Pearl Shongwe will be remembered for her moments, which will live on forever, as seen in the media. She died at an age at which human beings are not expected to lose their lives. However, it is a fact of life that humans will experience it.