Heartfelt Messages Are Pouring In For Zakes Bantwini As This Is Happening Today

Zakes Bantwini is a South African popular award winning musician, producer and businessman. He is one of the top loved celebrities in the world known for serving good music. He has been in the music and entertainment industry for a long time where he managed to win the love of many people because of his music. He is an inspiration to many young people who have wishes of seeing themselves as one of the best in the industry. He is married to the popular musician and model Nandi Nngoma.





The couple has been married to more than five years and got blessed with two children a boy and a girl. However those are not his first children as he had kids before getting married to Nandi. Just weeks ago he was dragged on social media after being accused of neglecting his children. It is said that he hardly supports his three children compared to his with Nandi. People were left saddened wondering why he would such a thing to his own blood.

Well such is happening to many people but it’s sad to see children growing up without their fathers. All children have wishes of growing up with their fathers and when they are robbed of such a chance, it makes them to be depressed.People were left dissapointed as they tried to understand why he would neglect his own children. Today he adds another year and his wife took it to social to send him a message on his birthday. She revealed that he has been nothing but a supportive father and husband.

She also revealed that she is grateful of all the things that he has done for her family. Each day he makes their marriage to be fun and full of happiness. Such marriages are an inspiration to many people and it encourages them to fall inlove. People are sending emotional messages to wish him a blissful birthday.Celebrities including the likes of Basetsana Khumalo have wished him a beautiful and happy birthday. His day will surely be filled with nothing but happiness. Share your views on the comment section and follow for more news.