Heartbreaking || See What Dj Sumbody Was Doing Moments Before He Got Killed Today, Rest In Peace

The country has just woke up to the sad news that Dj Somebody has passed away. He was one of the talented musicians that South Africa had. Some people even used to look up to him as their role model.He was one of the millionaire’s in the country who really used to inspire a lot of people because of his amazing job. Both the young and the old used to look up to him. He was popularly known for his hitsong “monate mpolaye” where millions of fans were amazed.



He has worked alongside some popular musicians in the country including the likes of multimillionaire Cassper Nyovest. They were also friends who really loved each other. In the early hours of today he was shot dead together with his bodyguards on their way to perform at a hug. He never thought that it would end so badly. He had hopes of making it to the venue and going back home just like the it usual. His death is indeed a great loss to the entertainment industry.

People have revealed that it will not be easy for them to get used to not seeing him again. He really played an important role in the industry. He has been described as a loving and humble person who accomodated many people in his life. His legacy will definitely live on as he has really worked so hard in his life. A video of him moments before being killed was shared on social media. He was definitely having the best time of his life.

On the video he was seen smoking listening to music. His sudden death will forever break the hearts of those who are close to him. It’s really a painful end of the year as people have to say goodbye to him in such a heartbreaking way. What is your take on this matter?, share your views on the comment section and follow for more news. To watch the video fully, follow the link below.