Alicia Ferguson gives out a piece of her flesh in honor of her late father

.Losing a parent is hard especially if you had a deep connection with them the void they live in you can never be filled by anything.

The happy birthdays, the I love you’s, the take care or I will see you later that you will never get to here them say again cut deeper that the sharpest blade.


Our parents are what we live for as much as they wish to see us grow we wish for them to see us grow into the man and women they raised us to be we wish that our kids can meet the man and women we called father and mother but at times life has other plans which are not inline with ours.

Shona Ferguson will never get to see his kids grow or get to walk them down the aisle or hold his grandsons and daughters or share those special moments with his daughter ever again. Shona died about four months ago due to Covid related illness and it was a devastating blow for his family and Mzansi and people felt so sad for the family.

Alicia Ferguson s their last born daughter and they used to have fun together and used too share their father daughter moments on social media and they were always so adorable, and it was aways breath taking how the two looked so much like each other. However after her fathers death she has distanced herself from social media as she is still grieving the death of her beloved father.

She has went on to get a tattoo of her father on her arm in remembrance of him