Heart Breaking : Bokgabo Poo Is Missing & Her Family Is Looking For Her

At around 16:00 on the 10th of October 2022, as Bokgabo Poo and her pals were playing at Wattville Masoleng Park in Benoni, an unknown guy approached the area where Bokgabo and her buddy were playing and enticed Bokgabo to follow him. This was the last time Bokgabo Poo was seen alive.

It is said that the film was found, but because the footage is unclear, it is hard to tell who it is that seems to be luring Bokgabo.



It is stated that her mother started to become suspicious when the kid did not return home, and the father was contacted in the hope that Bokgabo was with him. She was wearing a purple vest with orange shorts and had natural afro hair at the time of her kidnapping.

A file of a missing kid has since been opened with the Benoni SAPS, which has begun a follow-up on all information received, and a task team that was created by the community to hunt for the missing youngster has since been established.

Anyone who has credible information that may lead to the whereabouts of Bokgabo Poo or the person who is suspected of committing the crime is urged to get in touch with the officer who is investigating the case.

This is a very tragic event, and the police must make every effort to ensure that they apprehend the suspects who are terrorizing members of the public because doing so is absolutely necessary for the salvation of this nation. The police must do everything they can to catch the suspects who are terrorizing people in the community.

Regular members of the public are constantly encouraged by the police to provide any kind of information that they may have and which may lead to the successful arrest of suspects who are involved in criminal activities, and this is very important. The police are always looking for information that may lead to the successful arrest of suspects who are involved in criminal activities.