“HE WAS MADE FOR ME” Dj Zinhle publicly claim ownership over her man Bongz

It’s been two years since Dj Zinhle and Bongani Mahosana fell in love. Two years with a newly born child, Asante who is a girl, a little sister to Dj Zinhle’s first born child (Kairo Forbes) with musician or rapper AKA.

When Dj Zinhle announced her break up with a South African rapper AKA few years back. She took about 4 years to announce her new relationship to her fans and instagram followers. Her instagram page was all about herself and her daughter Kairo, her business accessories from erabydjzinhle, weaves and all about where one can buy her Champagne.





December 2020, Dj Zinhle announced her relationship with the father of her child Bongani who is Murdahbongz on Instagram. A few months into 2021, she started posting her pregnancy pictures and videos including few pictures of herself and her man behind the desks and their outings photos.


Last week Tuesday, Dj Zinhle and her boyfriend Murdahbongz posted their pictures in Paris. The two left to support Dj Zinhle on her business adventure. They ended up turning the business trip into a baecation before Dj Zinhle can start what made the trip came about (work).

Yesterday in the morning, Bongz posted his last pictures in Paris. A few minutes later, Dj Zinhle posted videos and pictures of herself alone.


“I swear Paris got colder as soon as Murdahbongz left” She said on her instagram story.

During the night she flexed about how Bongani Mahosana is made for her. Mzansi is so happy Dj Zinhle has found love, much happier because Bongani Mahosana loves her the very same way she does. He posts her pictures with beautiful captions from time to time. Love is really beautiful.