“He Was A Lost Sheep” | Drama At Riky Rick’s Funeral As The Priest Was Heard Saying This

Late South African rapper Ricky Rick was finally laid to rest earlier this week, after he reportedly committed suicide last week, but there was some drama during the funeral, as some people were not pleased with the words that were said by the priest at the funeral.




The Catholic priest that presided over Riky Rick’s funeral was caught in some controversy for the words he chose during the ceremony, according to some people who watched the live stream of Riky Rick’s funeral ceremony on YouTube, the priest angered a lot of people after he allegedly said that Riky Rick was a ‘lost sheep’ because he committed suicide, apparently the priest also said his death was ‘senseless’.

As you can imagine, these words from the priest cause some controversy on social media site Twitter, as some people are angry as they believe that the priest was wrong for saying that, but others believe that the priest was right for calling Riky Rick a ‘lost sheep’ because he committed suicide, what do you think about this?.