He took me out for a date and look at what he bought for me

Kim and Laura got a date with Mokone from Limpopo province and got to have a traditional meal. She mentioned that he said, “You are not going to go through hunger while I am with you,” and that is going amazing at the moment. He had managed to keep his promise, and there is no reason to complain because he delivered as promised. Expectations are good when they are high, and even though he has not taken her to a fancy restaurant, he still provides.




That is something that people do miss because they don’t have that person who takes them out. You can criticize someone who will buy Mogodu for their partners, but what is important is that they are happy. It would be amazing to attend fancy places, but you can’t afford it yourself, so you pin the desire onto someone else. Laura should be happy because there are some people who have a desire for such treatment but are single.

When it comes to social media, its influence is dangerous because other people are posting from fancy places. You may find that he or she is not quite happy, and someone who is going to local traditional restaurants is happier than that other person. Happier moments are found in unexpected places. Those people who are eating on the side of the roads are all happy.

Adopting a lifestyle is hard when you don’t have the means to maintain it. Remember the ladies who ran away from their 11K bill at Slageng in Limpopo? It was about creating a moment and status they could not afford. Such moments are not good, and it is best to enjoy what you are able to afford while avoiding disappointments. What is great about Africa is how they are also made fancy. Look at how big Mogodu is on Monday.

It is like going on a picnic; what you can bring is good, and it does not have to be what is normalized on social media. It has been something that many gents do not want to attend while their partners really want to have that moment. Those memories may not seem fascinating, but you will realize this later, and it should not be too late when you want that moment.