“He thinks he can DJ with his feet” Thomas Gumede and his son left Mzansi in stitches.

Thomas Gumede started his career with a Volkswagen Passat starring in their commercials. When he finally started acting, he started working as a comedian in several TV shows. He starred in several movies and eventually became a reality TV host. Now he is also a producer who has been working on his own several TV shows. His talent is absolutely remarkable and incredible and he has definitely made a name for himself.

Apart from his work, his amazing star and producer is a family man, he is known for being in a relationship with Zola Nombona who is also in the entertainment industry as an actress. The two lovely couple have been blessed with an adorable son whom they both love so much. They love spending quality time with their son and having fun is what they really like doing.

Thomas has been having fun with his son this long weekend, with him teaching his son how to DJ. Thomas took to social media recently to Share a clip with his son as his son danced and DJ with his feet. On his his post he captioned: “Thomas Gumede Just sharing some SUNSHINE on this gloomy weekend!

This is only his second session and in the second slide he already thinks he can DJ with his feet! In the 3rd slide he starts understanding the buttons and does his first mix”. His post left many of his followers in stitches as his son’s tried out new moves when it comes to DJing. To watch the clip please click on the link below, what do you think of this adorable kids’ DJing and dance moves?

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