“He Must Stay Out Of The Royal Affairs, He Insulted Our Tradition” Simakande Receive A Warning



The people of South Africa have now been thinking about when will the Royal House squabble end. This is because it has now been close to a year since the passing of King Zwelithini affected a lot of people in the Royal family.

The reason for this is that a lot of people had thought in mind that the eldest son of Zwelithini will take the throne as expected. This is because the eldest son of the king’s son is always given the orders to take the throne and without this happening it has now caused a rift between Miszulu and Simakande kaZwelithini who are brothers.




People on Twitter left some unexpected comments by sending a message to Simakande Ka Zwelithini that he must stay out of the royal house” he must stay out of the royal”. They also said that he insulted the polygamy tradition of the Zulu people “he insulted our tradition”. The reason for this is because Simakande had his kraal entering a week before Miszuli.

The kraal entering is only done to introduce the new kingship that has been elected by the previous regent or king. As it has now happened that Miszulu is the king of the Zulu kingdom, it was a chance for him to be introduced to the Zulu ancestors, while his brother had his own.

The entering of the kraal went quite well and a lot of politicians and kings were impressed by how successful the kingship ceremony was as the numbers can explain for themselves. Simkande also hosted his kraal entering where the visitors were only his two other brothers with some of the elders supporting his separate kingship who were against the kingship of Prince Miszulu.

The queen of the late brother of King Zwelithini is now hoping that the squabbles will now end as Miszulu is the only king that is recognised by the Zulu people and ancestors. One of the questions that will ring in the minds of the Zulu people is whether will this mean the end of the fight or if more squabbles will come in numbers as expected.

What is your intake on this matter and why do you say so?
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