” He looks like Black Coffee she is trying to replace him “

In the most recent development since Valentine Bango’s shocking recording was published, her husband Justice Huni has issued a statement outlining his version of events and absolving Mlotshwa of all charges.

Mlotshwa apparently confirmed that she went to the couple’s home, but she denied requesting Huni’s hand in marriage, claiming her divorce with DJ Black Coffee is still pending.

Mlotshwa is heard allegedly saying in the audio recording: “J and I had enterprises together before we even did, were in anything.”

You expressed hurt when you spoke to me, and while I am aware of that emotion, I never want anyone to experience it. I absolutely got your perspective.


Huni stood up for Mlotshwa after his wife released the audio in which she discussed being a part of a polygamous marriage and keeping condoms in her car, which led to a backlash from the general public.

She is one of the males and was covering for me, therefore I apologize that my statement may have come too late and there may already be a story about her. All of this is not fair to her.

He continued, “I will help clear any more illegal film from a significant other during the process.”

After seeing Huni people couldn’t help but notice that he looks close to her soon to be ex husband black coffee, some even claim she is trying to replace him.