“He knows what he did, some alleged comments on how the DJ died: Opinion

The thing with South Africans is that, as much as others will be crying for you, they are others that have got strong hearts to analyse issues about you. I do believe that this is not the time to analyse issues about people that are passed on. The reason why we speak good of a person who has passed on, even if he was the worst is because, it helps the family to recover, when we remind them of the good things that he did.





Everybody can not be 100-percent evil, they are few good things that he might have done and those good things need to be a recognised. So people must atleast try not to dig old skeletons, the reason why he died or what he was doing before he died?

It can only cause more pains especially to his family. Some of the things they were not even aware of them, and it is better for them to stay that way, may his soul rest in peace.

Thank you