He is not to be shaken Somizi

he can never be broken or shaken

The unshakable SomSom ,the definition of confidence at its best, successful and has a drive.

Somizi a father of one beautiful young lady, who happens to be a celebrity too.



He has shown his father figure to his daughter and they are the best of friends.

Somizi is not just a father but he is a multi talented person, a singer, writer, entertainer and he has been a good judge for the most known TV show of talents called Idols.

He is good at what he does.

He was married and God married a very beautiful wedding with his husband morale, unfortunately things didn’t end well ,but did not break him nor his character.

Somizi has been part of many shows on our television and he has also played for the best known movie called sarafina.

And he takes after his parents who happened to be part of the industry.

He is a good leader and we are proud.