” He Doesn’t Look Good. All Strength To Him”, People Worried About Popular Actor

Popularly known as Bobo from Yizo Yizo, and Bakstena from Shesa, Innocent Masuku is a South African actor who has since disappeared from the spotlight. He hasn’t been on our screens for a number of years now, and many have wondered where he could have disappeared to.

Yesterday, most people were surprised to see that he is still around, as a video of him from the EFF page was doing its rounds. On the video he was advising the youth to be in touch with what goes around in their communities.

People could not help but notice how the drugs have distroyed him. Some said alcohol and drugs are the danger to our youth. Some blamed it unemployment and other issues related to youths that is causing the youth to consume alcohol as a solution to relieve stress.


Some said he took his roles to reality, and became a heavy drinker.