Have you seen Zahara’s face beat? See this

She looks completely different

One thing about Zahara which is popular is that she always looks natural. She has taken it to social media to share her pictures with her make up on. Whoever did her make up did a good job. Some do not recognize her.



Some of her fans love his way. I mean Zahara has a beautiful skin and she can do what she wants. I think she should normalize doing this because she looks gorgeous and she loves it. Sometimes change is good and that is what Zahara needs right now.

She is known for the same make up and the same hair styles. She has been trending for all the wrong reasons for the past week, I am glad that she shared these pictures in order to make people forgot about what they were saying about her. Zahara will remain the queen and beautiful as always.

Sources: https://twitter.com/ZaharaSA/status/1580592534195122176?t=TYCj22ZGoQ6HSG8l1kcAmw&s=19