Happy 45th birthday to the beautiful Thembi Seete 🎂

ndeed, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, but some beauty can be visible in everybody’s eyes. Truth be told, truth be told, God’s creativity when creating human beings is absolutely amazing. In today’s article we are looking at one of the most amazing women in Mzanzi, Thembi Seete.. Read more


Many people already know who Thembi Seete is. Even those who don’t know her, must be familiar with the way she looks as her face can be found everywhere; on TV, magazines, and social media. Other than that, many people know her for her role in several Mzanzi soapies.

The majority of people think she’s an American or a mixed race because of the way she looks. She’s not. She was born in Gauteng, in the townships of Soweto. It’s hard to believe, right??

She started to be popular from her position on Muvhango, where she was acting as Gladys. Many people loved her character.

As the phrase stands, “talk is cheap”. Just see for yourself. Pinned below are some recent photos of our beautiful Thembi Seete: