HALALA: MacG Shares That They Have Created 30 Job Opportunities for Young People Through Their Show

There have been several calls by South Africans to cancel the Podcast and Chill which is hosted by MacG and Sol Phenduka. The reason behind these calls is that people believe that it is a toxic show that destroys celebrities’ careers. Well, MacG has changed the narrative of people by sharing that his show has created more opportunities and jobs for many young South Africans.

He was interviewed by Vuka Africa where he shared this news with the world. He shared that the chillers are the people that have been paying more than 30 people that are working in the company. He explained that the chillers watch the content in the episodes that drop three times a week. He shared that they drop their content 3 times a week on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday. In addition to these episodes, they have a ladies’ session which is exclusively for women and hosted by Tebogo who is under the company


Most South Africans have applauded him for creating such opportunities, especially for young people in a country which does not have jobs.

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