Groom allegedly committed suicide a month after their wedding: Read what happened prior his death

Tinashe and Belma on their wedding day

When the groom Tinashe got married to his wife Belma , friends and relatives anticipated a happily ever after . Little did they know that the marriage would be broken apart within a month by death.A report that was issued by Harare Metro, highlighted that a man from Kwekwe committed suicide after his gay relationship had allegedly been exposed.

The deceased was identified as Tinashe Kasamba.The news agency confirmed that Tinashe allegedly away his life a month after saying the wedding vows to his wife.It was alleged that Tinashe used a poisonous substance to end his life .

What allegedly happened prior to his death?



In accordance with H-Metro , Tinashe got caught in a compromising position with a male before he died. It was also made known that the man was allegedly having problems with Belma before they got married. Furthermore, it was alleged that they got married , but she was unaware that her man was gay.


There were allegations as well that since the man was in love with his male friend, getting married to his wife brought pressure upon the man. The newspaper’s source also alleged that when Tinashe was caught in a compromising position with a male counterpart , he decided to end his life.The late Tinashe did not leave any note behind to state what was bothering him.

How can people handle such situations?

Suicides are on an increase every day and there is a need for public awareness. People need to be educated on how to deal with serious scenarios that they come across.