Granny leaves people in stitches after dancing to the song ” Dipatje tsa felo”

I’m sure we all probably know by now that, most of our elderly folks are not fans of the Amapiano genre of music. Most seem to think it’s loud music that just doesn’t have any rhythm to it. Well, there are also a few of our elderly who seem to enjoy Amapiano music, it seems that they can hear what the younger generation is hearing.

Well, an old woman proved that this past weekend as a video of her has been all over social media. The video was initially posted on Tik Tok and also other social media platforms where it seems to have gathered more views and popularity.




The granny can be seen dancing in the video to an Amapiano song called “Dipatje tsa felo” which is a recent release. Looking at the video, I’m sure everyone who has watched it can agree that the granny sure knows what she is doing with her dance moves.

It seems that fame isn’t the only thing that the granny will be getting, the CEO of Drip, Lekau Sehoana, retweeted the video and he asked for people to track down the granny so that he could buy her another pair of Drip sneakers.

In the video, the granny is wearing yellow Drip sneakers as she’s dancing, so that is what might have sparked Lekau’s interest in wanting to track her down so she can receive the other pair that he wants to give her.

This granny is in some way teaching us that you’re never too old to do what you love, and it seems like she loves dancing and she is doing just that. The attention that she is getting right now is well deserved, and let’s hope that it doesn’t stop here, hopefully, she continues to grab the attention of many more big names in the entertainment industry.