Government stops plans to help Zola after this happened, at least for now

Fans of the great singer and actor, Zola 7, will be dismayed and heartbroken to learn that the government has reversed course and will no longer assist him in his endeavors.

Zola, whose real name is Bonginkosi Dlamini, made headlines last month when he revealed that he was suffering from health problems. A number of celebrities and government officials paid him a visit.

According to the MEC of Arts and Culture, the Gauteng Gauteng has also committed to assisting Zola in his endeavors.

After a month, the government has changed its mind, as the Gauteng MEC for finance and e-government, Nomantu Nkomo- Ralehoko, has unexpectedly terminated the support to Zola and his family members.



According to reports, Zola’s family requested that the effort be halted.

This follows charges by the MEC that Zola’s wife had urged him to seek treatment, as well as internal disagreements within Zola’s family about whether treatment was the best course of action to take at the time.

The MEC produced a video in which he pleaded with members of the public to encourage Zola to enter rehabilitation.

It was noted that Nkomo-Ralehoko did not specify the cause for Zola’s need to go to rehab in her letter.

The MEC, on the other hand, stressed that Zola’s wife had suggested that he should seek treatment, and he urged the public to support him.

During her visit, the MEC opened a dialogue with Zola in order to link him with the program in her office so that, if he recovers from his illness, he can urge the youth to take responsibility for their actions.