Gospel singer Dumi Mkokstad being exposed for allegedly sleeping with men for fame

Dumi Mkokstad, a South African gospel artist, is making news once more, but this time for a negative reason.

This follows a serious accusation made against the gifted gospel musician Mdumiseni “Dumi Mkokstad” Nzimande, who is charged with having extramarital affairs.

A discussion about the best gospel song of the year allegedly led to Mkokstad engaging in sexual relations with men, according to the event’s organizer, Aviwe Gqomfo.

According to Zimoja, the event’s organizer Gqomfo went to his Facebook page and accused Mkokstad of having extramarital affairs despite being married to his wife.

When Mkokstad wrote that people needed to vote for another gospel sensation, Betusile Mcinga, it is unclear why he brought up Gqomfo’s name.

The publication states that “a war of words has broken out between event organizer Aviwe Gqomfo and award-winning gospel musician Dumi Mkokstad over who should be voted on the Ukhozi FM song of the year.”

“Gqomfo stated that contrary to Xhosa tradition, Mkokstad never went to the mountain for initiation.

He added that Mkokstad’s wealth came from having affairs with other men.

Gqomfo decided to remove the post from the social networking platform after it received more than 700 likes and opinions.






“I have no idea what you are referring to. According to the report, Mkokstad answered, “I truly don’t know.

“Because I’m suing Gqomfo, I don’t want to say anything else about the situation. He made the accusations against me on his Facebook page, which I am aware of. His justification for making those accusations is a long one. He will be dealt with by my attorney.

The multi-award winner Mkokstad is reportedly considering taking legal action and suing Gqomfo for defamation of character, according to a report from Entertainment SA.

In the meantime, according to a recent ESA report, Dumi chose to claim that the public chose the winners rather than risk getting into trouble over the Crown Gospel Awards winner.

Following the failure of some of his artists to win an award, he took to social media to clarify that he did not want to hear rumors that the artists signed to his record label were defrauded.

In a video, he said, “The Crown Gospel Awards take songs with potential, put them on their platform, and let people vote for the artists they want.