Gorgeous Africa dresses for 2021

Here in Africa especially Nigeria, African dresses are always a way to make a statement with your fashion choices. They are so cherished and loved and affordable.
Ankara fabrics are one of the easiest materials to manipulate in other to make a masterpiece. Every now and then people, experts, and even newbies experiment with different Ankara fabrics in other to create something that may not have been created before or make modifications to existing designs.
Whatever reason you are here for either you are a dressmaker looking for inspiration or you have an owambe to attend and need to show your designer something nice, this post is for you.
We’ve gathered the most beautiful short Ankara gown style pictures from Instagram, Pinterest so you can look at them in other to be able to figure out what you want to make for yourself.


This is one Nice gown you can’t help but fancy as it is great for any kind of occasion, adding net material to African fabric brings out the beauty of this style even more.
If you are looking for a more Cute and convenient style then we have just the right style for you, this is suitable for all kinds of events and even great for casual outings.
For a sexy bold look, this is just the style for you however it is not overly dramatic but can be made the way you prefer it.
Raglan sleeves add elegance and class to African style, this is a super fancy style and all you need to make it perfect is a pair of heels.
If you are in search of a style that puts you ahead of African fashion game then this is just the style for you, this is great for casual and elaborate outings.




If you are looking for a fanciful outfit that is less dramatic but suitable for all kinds of occasion then this is the perfect Africa style.