Good News for those who love Hungani Ndlovu aka Romeo

For many of his fans, when Hungani Ndlovu, better known as Romeo left Scandal, they could not believe it, some even wanted to go with him.

A hashtag was even started on Twitter with #BringBackRomeo, and Scandal ended up saying that the actor might not be gone forever, but we all knew that was a lie.

Years later, Hungani and his wife Stephanie started a very successful YouTube career amongst other things, and also had a bundle of joy. I am sure that many people just like me have been missing Hungani on our television screens, but as fate would have it, he is back and ready to rock us again.





Although he will not be acting in a soapie like Scandal where we would see him every day, Hungani has landed a big role because he will be the lead actor in a new movie. He recently posted a short video clip from the new film and wrote “coming soon, #TheBuM.

According to sources, the film is about a young couple that is tormented by someone from their past and some fans believe that it will be a horror movie.

“It’s giving horror damn”, wrote TweedyMtimande.

“Yeah we missed seeing you on our screens. Been wainting, finally!”, wrote Mamatu.

“My mother’s favorite actor. She made the whole house fall in love with the Romeo character because you delivered and all she wanted was for us to see your talent. I can’t wait to show her this trailer”, wrote Nelly.

Hungani himself did not confirm nor deny anything about what people said, I guess we will just have to wait for him to share more information again and when it will be released. What do you think the movie will be about? Horror? Action? Let us know in the comments.