Good news for Thato as this happened to her

Former Big Brother Mzansi contestant Thato has been making good things for herself after the end of the Big Brother Mzansi show. Thato was part of the top 8 while in the big brother house. This showed that people loved her as she made it this far in the competition.

The big brother show clearly created a lot of exposure for everyone who was in the big brother house, as the talents of each person was recognized.

Recently Thato posted that she will be hosting her homecoming celebration this coming Friday on the 22nd of April 2022 from 13:00 up until 16:00. A lot of people on social media also seemed to be interested in coming to the event as Thato even mentioned that it was free to enter.






However good news came to Thato as Donald replied on this post that Thato posted of her homecoming. Donald mentioned that he would interested in being part of Thato’s homecoming, as she even mentioned that he is a fan of Thato.

Donald even mentioned here that Thato should message him for further details. Thato seemed very happy to here this as she even mentioned that she was screaming after seeing what Donald said.

Here are some of the comment that people on social media made after seeing what Donald said to Thato.