#Gomora|Viewers express their concerns about the character of Ntokozo, see details


The character of Ntokozo has been the talk of many households in this country where he comes from a humble family that is doing everything for him, but he ended up killing someone because of the love that he has for the lady that turns out to be a car thief.



But this time around viewers think that this guy is the only one that is having huge luck when it comes to love, because his relationship with Mazet is the one that turns him into doing the bad things. After all, he wanted to impress her.

The likes of Teddy haven’t dated before and it ended badly for him when he was having sex with his teacher, but this time Ntokozo is still the only one that has luck in falling into a relationship. But maybe he took it from his father because he was cheating on his mother with Thati.