Gomora|Viewers are impressed with the show again, see details


Gomora viewers are starting to be satisfied with the content that this show is offering them this week, after they were left angry in the past week about how things were done on their favorite telenovela, which has made them to lose hope about watching this show.



But today most people were happy about how wonderful the show was last night and they were quick to rush to social media, and express their emotions about the show and how good the actors were performing.

Sana Mcunu plays the character of Zodwa and she has been making headlines every day, where her talent has made many people talk about in this country.

This time viewers were impressed by all actors on the show, and they want these actors to continue with this huge performance every night.

But a lot has to be done on the show, and maybe if producers can bring Melusi back on the set can work in their favor.