Gomora| Viewers are angry about Melusi and Thati affair, they want Phumlani to deal with Melusi


Phumlani has become a dangerous person that anyone is scared of and viewers are starting to be worried about the safety of Thati, because they are married and things might go bad for her because she has been cheating with Melusi and this time the guy might take this anger on her.




People also want Phumlani to shoot Melusi so that he can leave his wife alone, and It looks like Mamsonto does not have enough power like before because she has been struggling to stop Phumlani he is out to kill everyone that stands in his way, but the guy is so lovely towards Thati but this might stop soon because he is aware of her affairs with Melusi.

It will be a hectic drama to watch in the months to come because things will start to be hectic for many people in Gomora. After all, Phumlani is here to rule the streets of this township and no one will stop him from causing havoc.