Gomora| Tshiamo reveals to Sbongile that she has a crush on Teddy

Tshiamo is in love with Teddy

Tshiamo has opened up to Sbongile as her friend and she told her that she likes Teddy. This is for the first time that Tshiamo feels this way about someone, and Teddy is actually a good man for her. I believe they can make a great couple.


Sbongile was shocked because she did not see this one coming, and she is not angry about it. I think she will definitely support them or make them come together to confess their feelings for each other. Teddy also feels the same way because he has been overprotective over Tshiamo ever since she started working at the radio station.

Will their parents support their relationship? Teddy might be older than Tshiamo but he will never break her heart because she will be his first girlfriend. They both need to tell each other about how they feel.

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