Gomora| Teddy finds out that Sbongile is pregnant with Scara’s baby

Sbongile went to a doctor and took a pregnancy test, the doctor has confirmed that she is indeed pregnant. Her life is about to change for the worst because she is still young and in high school.


Sbongile is always looking for problems that are far away from her. She tells Teddy that she is pregnant, Teddy could not believe it. Teddy is also upset that Sbongile got pregnant for Scara who is unemployed and doing illegal activities. Will Teddy let Zodwa know what is happening under her roof?

Teddy is now left in a very difficult position, because he will have to choose to protect Sbongile from his mother or just expose Sbongile to Zodwa. Sbongole doesn’t learn at all, she keeps on bringing problems to Zodwa’s house and they are struggling. Zodwa must kick her out of the house.

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