Gomora| Mr Cele is a “Mama’s boy” as he waits for his mother to approve his relationship with Gladys

Nobody saw this coming

Mr Cele has been ignoring Gladys because he visited his mother at home. Mr Cele was no where to be found, but him and Gladys were in a good place before he left. Gladys asked Nkosinathi Cele to explain himself for what he did.


Nkosinathi revealed that he has to ask him mother if she approves his relationship with Gladys or not. Nkosinathi says he cannot date any woman without consulting his mother first. He reveals that his mother only knows that he is single until he tells her about the woman he dates who is Gladys.

Nkosinathi divorced his wife before he dated Gladys. He is a grown man with kids, but he still needs to get a permission from his mother about having a girlfriend. This shows that the last woman she approved was not the right one for Nkosinathi, because they are now divorced.

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