GOMORA: Meet Teddy’s girlfriend in real life.

Sicelo “Seekay” Buthelezi is a South African honor winning performer, lyricist and craftsman who is by and large extensively alluded to for his occupation on Gomora as Teddy. So many Gomora watchers have become pitifully fascinated with how engaging he is and the manner by which wild he is similar to autonomous course. Sicelo has a colossal number of following on Instagram; he is being followed by 1,1 million people who loved him on screen and appropriately showing him support even, in light of everything.


The “Snake Park” hitmaker is one of those important people who are extraordinarily private with their lives, even straight up until the present time his family is at this point not known. In any case, Sicelo has posted pictures with his darling who is also in news sources with him.

Sibongile Gungu is the darling of Sicelo Buthelezi. She is a South African performer, creative substance boss at FS Film Studios, she has her own business which rehearses with lip sparkles and lip analgesics for the two females and folks taking everything into account she is a media student. Sibongile is energetic about being in news sources especially being in the photography business. She has expected several little parts as an extra on Skeem Saam, The River and Mavens Security. She by and large likes taking selfie and half body pictures more than full body pictures.