Gomora| Mam Sonto could be right about Phumlani wanting to avenge his brother’s death

Phumlani is all being nice and being a hero to Mazet. suspects that Phumlani came in Gomora only to avenge his brother’s death. I think she is right. I am saying this because Phumlani is getting too close to Mazet and Ntokozo and they are the ones who killed his brother.

What will happen to Thati? She is currently deeply in love with Thati, will she believe her mother about this accusations? Thati needs to act fast and be ahead of Phumlani.

I think Mam Sonto will do anything to protect Ntokozo and Mazet. She also must tell them what it is going on before they fall into Phumlani’s trap. Mam Sonto knows how people like Phumlani operates that is why she is a few steps ahead of Phumlani. Buhle is going to very disappointed on Uncle P.